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I grew up listening to R&B and immediately fell in love with music as a whole. My DJ’ing journey started in 2017. My passion for music & the energy I bring to my shows is how the name Viral came about. I chose Viral because ideas & initiatives can spread rapidly. My main goal as a DJ is to create a good vibe and most importantly to spread positivity. I’ve learned as a DJ, that we as people have more in common than our differences and music is a way we connect. If you love music and a good time or just want to go out for the night make sure to Come Vibe with Viral!

Viral The DJ is a one-of-a-kind DJ! He is a DJ that always gives superb energy to a fun and engaging atmosphere and will always bring life to your Event, Wedding, Party, Corporate Event, Birthday Party, etc.


Being a lover of music makes viral a diverse Mixologist in many different music genres that include R&B/ Hip-Hop, Top 40, Pop, Soca, Afro Beats, Reggae, Reggaeton, Salsa, Merengue, Rock, House and More. He loves to bring a different edge to his music knowing that there are different ethnicities that attend events.


Viral engages with your crowd, dances with them, and keeps the dance floor packed. The energy that he brings to the room of your event is something that is unmatched and cannot be duplicated by anyone else. Your event will be remembered for decades! When you book with Viral “You’ll Be Under The Influence of Good Music”!

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